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Traveling to Austin for the first time. What do I pack?!

I'm heading to Austin, Texas for the first time in mid September. It's still going to be pretty toasty out there (almost 100 degrees Fahrenheit), so I've been doing some research on social media and Pinterest to give me some inspiration and more of an idea what the type of outfits I should pack!

As you can see from my latest travels to warmer destinations, my go-to for summer attire is looser fitting summer dresses, skirts and cover-ups. I'm definitely going to be doing some outfit repeating while I pack for Austin.

Some of my favorite summer pieces I have purchased recently are from Lulus. For example, there is one dress in particular that has been such a hit that I went ahead and purchased it in all three colors (all pictured bellow); washed red, washed blue, and olive green. The olive green is the newest addition and I cant't wait to get some great content in Austin while wearing it!


Since we will be walking around the city of Austin a lot and taking in all of the sites, foot comfort will be a priority. I don't plan on wearing close-toed shoes while I am there, so I will be sticking to comfortable sandals during the day, and for a "nicer" option, a cute sandal with a thicker heel.

One of my favorite brands of sandals as a go-to when I know I will be walking around a lot is Rainbow Sandals. All of their footwear concentrate on having great support, quality and comfort. In fact, I used to wear these for work as a clothing store manager. Walking for 8 to 10 hours a day was taxing enough, let alone in sandals, so Rainbow Sandals were the perfect option for those long work days.

For a nicer dinner out I'll pack a cute sandal with a thick heel or a wedge. Both will offer more foot comfort if we decide to walk to the downtown area form our vacation rental without sacrificing style.


One of the places we are most excited to check out while we are in Austin, Texas is the Barton Springs Pools. There are also several hotel and rooftop pools that we are hoping to experience while in the Austin heat. I brought several bathing suit options with me. My favorites right now are simple one pieces because I can also have to option to use them as a body suit and just slip a maxi skirt on over it.

I don't know about you, but no matter how hard I tried to achieve my summer body, it just did not happen this year for me. So my best friend while at the beach was my black and floral kimono/beach cover-up.

What I love about a high quality kimono is you are not limited to using it as a beach/bikini cover-up. I love using my kimono over a summer dress as an added layer of comfort and warmth when the sun starts to set. Below are some kimonos that are similar to the one I own.

My kimono will help with protecting my body from the sun but I also want to make sure I protect my face so I packed all my usual skin care products as well as my favorite sun hat. Here are some examples similar to the sun hat I own.


So excited for our time in Austin. I'm really looking forward to experiencing a new city I've never been to before. It's been a long time since I've travel to a new location in the United States and I cant wait to really explore this great city.

Stay tuned for another blog post after our stay!

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