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my addiction to wine

Growing up in California's wine country, it was hard not to get seriously into wine. I grew up surrounded by grape vines and wineries. In middle school I even did a science project on how your taste buds change depending on the types of foods you eat, and how that makes the wine taste different (true story, got a blue ribbon).

A couple years ago I had the idea that any wine addicted 20-something year old has; to open my own quaint little wine bar. I imagined I would serve all different kinds of wine, cheese and charcuterie, and even some local beer for the guys. I even attended the Napa Valley Wine Academy and received my WSET levels 1 and 2 certifications.

However, after working in several restaurants and bars and seeing how owning your own establishment is SO much work, I decided it probably wasn't for me. Instead I decided to put my wine knowledge to use by combining it with my love of travel. So, I became and travel agent. My goal when becoming a travel agent was to have my focus be on wine tourism. One major thing on my bucket list is to take a month or two and wine taste across Europe. Since I don't have the budget for that just yet, I plan on exploring deeper into California's wine country than I already have.

By adding travel blogging to being a travel agent I'm hoping to bring more knowledge of wine destinations to the masses... as well as experiencing it more for myself *wink*. Soon I hope to have travel and wine tasting tips throughout my blog. In the meantime, here are some photos of my recent wine experiences. If you have any tips on wine travel of your own, please comment on this post!


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