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The trip where I realized I wanted to start blogging!

Updated: Sep 19, 2019

This was a trip of firsts. It was the first time I went to Prague. It was the first time I traveled internationally with one of my best friends. It was the first time I went full tourist mode while on vacation.

By full tourist mode I mean taking pictures of everything. And I mean EVERYTHING. I found every excuse to take a picture of a gorgeous building, the view, the wine I was drinking and the food I was eating.

And .I. Enjoyed it. Yeah there were a couple awkward moments with crowds watching me and my bestie take the same picture over and over again. But after day three of fully immersing ourselves in tourist mode we realized that we didn't care all that much about what other people thought.

The most important thing that I think helped each of us have such a great time in Prague was that we complimented each other so well. Funny coincidence, I read a silly article (I think it might have been in Cosmo) that paired your astrological sign with another sign that it travels best with. Low and behold her sign and mine are the most compatible.

After our trip and we had been home for a few days, my friend helped me realize that I need to keep this momentum going. There was a reason why I jumped on the opportunity to join my friend in Prague. There is a reason why, earlier this year, I took the leap and signed up for an all girls trip to an exciting location (coming this fall). There's a reason why I am constantly looking into new and exciting vacation ideas.

So, long story short, welcome to my blog! My goal is to keep up a memoir of sorts on my travels, including but not limited to; travel ideas, tips and advice, destinations for winos and foodies, style and clothing, and health and beauty tips.

Thank you so much for following along! Stay tuned for some more great blog posts and thank you for bearing with me while I figure out my photography and blogging style. I am very new at this

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